Boundless Employment Opportunities


Our students have many opportunities to intern or start professional jobs in Helena.  As the capital of Montana it is home to large businesses, a vibrant medical community, and state and federal agencies.  Helena simply loves Carroll College students.

  • Our faculty work with the Career Services office to place students in meaningful internships
  • Every student has the opportunity to be an intern. Many are paid.  Programs like Computer Science have a long list of organizations looking for our students
  • According to the Department of Education’s College Scorecard, ten years after entering college the average Carroll College graduate has a salary of over $45,000 a year. The best in the state!

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There are a lot of advantages of being located in the capital of Montana.

Employment opportunities, internships, different projects, all sorts of things arise.

Because you go to Carroll College and it's a really respected part of the Helena community, you're probably more likely to get a job than somebody who doesn't go to Carroll College.

So if you're interested in a law degree, you're able to go and work with legislators. And there's lots of different law firms around Helena that offer jobs to students.

Quite a few national organizations have offices or locations here in Helena. Some of those include Boeing, Anderson ZurMuehlen accounting firms.

If you're interested in politics of any sort, you're able to work with senators or the governor.

Federal Reserve of Minneapolis has a branch here in Helena and they take a ton of Carroll interns, as well.

Any sort of state department for anywhere in Montana has their headquarters in Helena and you can work in that headquarter office.

St. Peter's Health is one of the largest health organizations in town, and they take pretty much all of our students that are in the premed program. Our nurses do clinicals over there. We have a ton of physical therapy offices in town.

One of the most valuable things I think I've had the time to do here at Carroll is my internship with our minor league hockey organization in town.

So I started working for the Department of Justice, which is under the attorney general for the state of Montana, last fall. And I've worked there for two years now. I've learned a lot about the legal profession and about myself and what I want to do after I graduate from Carroll. And I know that that's an opportunity that's available to me now just because of that internship.

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