Finish Faster


Carroll College has the highest graduation rate in a five-state region, graduating in four years means more money in your pocket. Choosing to attend another school where it takes one or two more years to graduate can be a costly decision. Find out more

Students might want to complete their degree faster because the quicker you complete an education, the quicker you're out in the workforce or going on to graduate studies. And at Carroll, there are several different opportunities that can afford a student the ability to complete quicker.

We do offer summer courses for students that do offer a significant discount in tuition. We have the ACE program, where high school students can take college credits while they're still attending high school, and they can enter college with a certain number of credits already available towards their degree, which also helps prgoress their degree much more quickly.

We also offer opportunities for students to take more than 12 credits each semester. It's the same tuition rate for students taking anything between 12 to 19 credits each semester, so you can maximize your resources that way as well. Our advisors and faculty work great as a team to ensure that our students have student planning in place. Our students can see their plan laid out to know exactly which courses they need to take which semesters, and it keeps them on track for graduating early and also getting into that workforce that much sooner.

At Carroll, our graduation rates and our retention rates are very high. And that's because our students are satisfied, and what they experience at Carroll is what they expect.