Campus Ministry

Service happens on campus every day through a variety of clubs and organizations and there are also opportunities to get off campus and serve.  In many courses service is an integral part of the learning. Our Spring Headlights Immersion Trips happen every year and take students to different parts of the country to help people dealing with economic, educational, and social disadvantages. Recent trips have taken Campus Ministry students to East Los Angeles, California; Denver, Colorado; and Chicago, Illinois.


Service is really important to Carroll students because it allows us to live out the mission of Carroll College. Originally, Carroll College was a mission of the Diocese of Helena. So it's integrated into who we are and how we receive as students. It's natural that we want to give that back out into the community that supports us so much. Once a month, we have Service Saturday.

You can sign up to work in different locations around the Helena community. And it's just an opportunity for Carroll students to come and give about three to four hours on a Saturday morning back to the community that supports us.

There is a group that goes to God's Love every week to serve the homeless, as well as going to a retirement home. There's three trips that go to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver. And each trip engages in a different type of service ministry. There are many international opportunities to engage in service facilitated by different clubs at Carroll College. I personally have participated in Engineers Without Borders, where I went to Guatemala to help build an earthquake safe wall at the school, which is a mission of the Helena Diocese.

It's really cool that the Catholic Church does so much, not only here at Carroll, but worldwide, to help everyone that it can in so many different ways. For me personally, it's just such a beautiful thing to give of yourself, and in doing that, you know yourself, and you know the Lord better by loving people when you go out and serve them.