Nursing Opportunities


Nursing labs and instructional areas were completely transformed in 2020.  The E.L. Wiegand 

Nursing Simulation Center is a state of the art facility that ensures students are well prepared when they enter the clinical setting.  The long term job prospects for nursing graduates are strong and Carroll nurses can be found throughout the nation in a variety of roles.

So the Wiegand Center has multiple labs that contains all the equipment we'd ever need to practice our nursing skills.

The facilities are all state of the art. We have pregnant mannequins, babies, six year olds, elderly patients. It's really valuable, and it makes us very prepared for clinicals.

Carroll College has a lot of great partnerships throughout the community where we can gain clinical experience, such as the Center for Mental Health.

The VA Hospital, St. Pete's Hospital, and places like Head Start. Our junior year, we're assigned each an individual patient. We get to work with that patient throughout the whole shift.

We get to shadow nurses around the community at the hospitals that we have clinical at. We get to see them do skills that we can't perform ourselves.

The Carroll Nursing program has made a commitment to not only improve its current program, but to expand things such as an accelerated program, and they're even in talks of incorporating a Doctorate of Nursing degree.

We have the best faculty ever. They are so caring and compassionate and understanding, and having that faculty support is very, very important, and it's endless here. So we're very lucky.

Nursing school is stressful. So having that community of support helps to relieve that stress, and it's nice to have somebody there who understands.