Worship and Retreats

Campus Ministry

Worship at Carroll is a celebration of faith and in knowing we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves. Mass is held several times per week and students—representing all faiths— come together Sunday evening for our largest service.

Surrounded by nature and a welcoming community that is truly seeking answers to what it means to live life to the full freshman retreat, sophomore retreat and other programs are a highlight of the Carroll experience. 

Sunday night mass is a great opportunity for students to gather together, both Catholic and non Catholic, before the school week starts and get everyone on the right page.

It's just really cool to see all the students come and praise God and be there on a Sunday night.

Sometimes we can get tunnel visioned of, oh my gosh, if I fail this test, my life is going to be over. That's actually not true, and worship centers you of the reality of one, you're loved by Christ. And two, he's not going to let you fail at life. Gathering with the community at Carroll has a sense of belonging and love.

Carroll College is comprised of many different faith backgrounds, and that's super important to the building of the Carroll community because it provides so many different perspectives and so many different life experiences. There are lots of retreat opportunities at Carroll. We have Freshmen Retreat and Sophomore Retreat in the fall. It's a great opportunity for students to meet each other and really get to know your classmates before you really dive into the school year.

Search is a retreat basically where no matter what faith background you have, you can work on wherever your faith life is and growing in that. The friends that I've met through campus ministry and the retreats, I will have in my life for a long time.

When you're surrounded by people your own age that want the same thing, it's a completely different experience. You have people challenging you, holding you accountable, and they have that same desire to know the Lord and want more. And I think through my friend groups here especially, I've really seen a lot of growth in making my faith the most important thing in my life.