A Great, Competitive Environment


Carroll College has 15 NAIA Athletic Programs that are nationally competitive and have a strong fan base.  In 2019 the Carroll College men’s basketball team reached the NAIA Championship, and playoff appearances have become the norm across our athletic programs.

Carroll College offers athletic scholarships in addition to merit scholarship and other financial aid for student athletes.

We have a lot of sports at Carroll. Just to name a few, basketball, soccer, track, football, obviously, softball and volleyball. The athletics are really competitive here. I mean, we've had multiple appearances in national tournaments and winning the Frontier Conference.

Men's and women's basketball win the conference every year. They go to Nationals. Our men's team made the final of the national championship last year. The football is ranked top 25 in the nation.

Athletics are a great way to make friends and meet people. Just for example, cross country, we had a camp before school started. So coming into school, I already had a foundation of friends and people I knew.

I'd say that the men's soccer team has a very good sense of community. Coming from South Africa to play here in the US was quite a different cultural shock. So having a team and a lot of teammates to rely on immediately, it was very helpful.

The sense of community within our sport is one that's very respectful, one that's competitive, but in a good way. We are constantly hanging out with one another, so it's a solid friendship as well.

The rest of campus is really supportive. All the professors and other students really support, and it's really cool to see their involvement, not just in the classroom, but also on the court. Being a student athlete is just a really cool way to not only get to do something that I love while also getting a great education, obviously.