Undergraduate Research Focus


Students have the tools and support to explore questions they care about.  This process also uniquely prepares you for jobs or graduate school.

  • Undergraduate research opportunities exist across all majors and minors
  • Every spring, hundreds of students prepare original research for SURF, the Student Undergraduate Research Festival
  • Summer research opportunities in Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry and other sciences uniquely prepare students for graduate programs

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The idea here at Carroll is that we give you lots of open ended opportunities to explore things that are beyond textbook problems. That's what research really is-- asking a novel question and then having the tools and support to then go out and investigate that question. And every major here on campus gives you some opportunity to do that.

We're designing new catalytic strategies to synthesize medicinal compounds. We also have students who are working on research projects quantifying the concentration of phthalates, a known carcinogen in mac and cheese, diapers, and fingernail polish.

One of my really good friends is studying cave lint at the Lewis and Clark caverns. Actual cotton lint degrades the caves and it can embed in the limestone. I haven't done a thesis yet, but I'm hopeful. I really want to do some sort of urban farming collaboration and co-op.

One unique program that we offer here at Carroll College is the anthrozoology program. We have an equine program and the canine program.

As a junior, you got to take two semesters of a canine training lab. So you get to adopt your own dog from a shelter and you get to train this dog for an entire year. Students also have opportunities to work with horses.

One of the great things about a liberal arts education is that liberal means you are liberating yourself from the ideas and assumptions of others. One of the best ways to do that is for you to create new knowledge and understanding.

The Student Undergraduate Research Festival at Carroll is a yearly festival to show off all of the research ranging across every single major on campus.

So our Student Undergraduate Research Festival is the opportunity for everybody on campus to come together and share how they have created new knowledge and understanding within their discipline.

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