Academic and Athletic Success


Carroll College athletes have a history of excellence in the classroom.  Even competing at a high level, our athletes complete some of the most difficult academic programs on campus including pre-medicine and nursing.  Every year Carroll College has players who earn national honors and are successful in their medical school or other graduate school applications. 

Coaches ensure their players are on track academically which is reflected in the high number of Academic All Americans and team grade point averages that are among the highest in the country.

Carroll allows student athletes to compete at a high level athletically and also pursue whatever major they want academically, and they do a really good job at helping us be able to pursue those goals.

Athletes are absolutely able to continue to compete at a high level and have difficult majors. We have quite a few Nursing majors in cross country and track. We have quite a few double majors as well.

The coaches here, they'll sit down with the students and try and work out the best time for practice.

Academics always come first. We're here first and foremost to get an education, and that's stressed not only by the academic staff, but also by the athletic staff. Our teachers and our coaches want us to succeed in the classroom before we succeed on the track.

I would say it feels good to succeed on and off the pitch because it just proves that you're motivated, that you care about your cause.

It definitely takes some time management, but it's very doable, and it's exciting when you're both getting good grades and being able to compete at a high level.

It makes me really proud to be a Carroll student athlete and just be able to do both of those things and, you know, excel in both. Not just be here for the ride.