Go Anywhere


You can get to anywhere in the world through Carroll College.  Faculty led trips, study abroad trips, and partnerships with international colleges like Exeter College at Oxford in England provide students with amazing opportunities to learn and explore.

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We have study abroad almost all over the world. We have students that go to South America. We have students that go to Europe. We have students that go to Asia. We also have programs in Africa. So whatever the students are interested in, we can find a program to accommodate them-- a semester, a year, a summer, short term.

For me personally, I've taken students to the Middle East. We've done Cuba and also Ireland. Also, we have students going to South Africa, our anthrozoology students. I think one of the most unique aspects of study abroad at Carroll College is the opportunity to go with faculty. It's with faculty that they know. I think it's a safe environment for them. And what's really interesting is that many of them use that as the start of their study abroad.

So they'll do, say, a three week study abroad to France. And then they'll say, "oh, I can go back and do that for a semester." Or they'll do a study abroad to Cuba and say, "oh, I think I'd like to study in Morocco next."

I would like every single student to have an intercultural experience, whether that is, again, our pilgrimage to Rome, a study abroad for a short term. I think it's very important for our students to realize that the world is not a scary place. It can be intimidating. It can be a little bit scary your first time. But the confidence that this inspires and the realization that there are good people all over the world is absolutely invaluable.

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