Student Life

The Fighting Saints bring excellence to the fields, courts, and the classroom.  With 15 varsity sports for men and women, athletes have the opportunity to pursue a rigorous academic career while competing in a fun, fan-filled environment.

  • Carroll Athletics compete in the NAIA
  • In 2019 Men’s Basketball reached the NAIA National Championship Game
  • Student athletes’ grades have averaged above a 3.2 GPA for 12 straight years

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We have 15 NAIA registered sports. Some of the most popular ones are football, men's and women's basketball. Our men's and women's basketball teams actually just made it last year to the national championship and the men's made it to the national championship game, so was really awesome. We also have soccer, softball, track.

We tailgate before every football game when it's a home game. We have a big grass field right outside our stadium. It's filled with trailers and barbecues and you get to walk through and get a lot of free food, so that's always really fun.

My favorite sport to go watch is definitely men's and women's basketball because the students are just so energized and enthusiastic to cheer on our teams. At every halftime, we do a half court shot and they also do a raffle for a $500 scholarship.

Even though it can be a lot to balance being a student athlete and academics, they do a really good job here about making sure you're supported and that you're getting the extra help. To make sure students are on top of it, some teams have study hours that they have to hit in the library.

And they really support each other, and your teammates become your best friends. They're someone you spend all your time with, whether that be practicing or in the library studying together. So you really get to develop that family from the start.

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