PreMed and PreProfessional Programs


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Any time a student is interested in pursuing some sort of preprofessional path, you can actually start that as early as your senior year in high school. You can actually meet with that advisor, and then let's say you end up at Carroll, you will start those meetings usually freshman year, and then it gets more and more active throughout your time at Carroll.

We have a big meeting with all the first year Pre Med students. And that's pretty unique because a lot of schools will start those conversations later. We have a lot more time to kind of get prepared, get involved, and really start digging our roots where we need to in order to be successful. In preprofessional programs, students have advisors within that program, in addition to their own advisors in their major. Somebody always knows who you are and what your story is. So you have two people in your corner, kind of rooting for you along the way and helping to write you great letters of rec at the end of that too, which is a great benefit.

Medical schools look for students who really work hard. I mean, that's kind of the base level. But after that's taken care of, you need to demonstrate compassion, empathy, ethics, communication would probably be some big areas. This environment just fosters us stepping ourselves out of our comfort zone and just growing in those areas, both academically, professionally and kind of personally as well.