Internships and Jobs in Helena


Students at Carroll College have amazing access to internships, jobs, and clinical experiences.  We are the only four-year college in town with a vast local alumni network that is here to help students get the experiences they need to explore their calling and improve their job prospects after college.  Helena is the capital of Montana and, as such, is the home to state and federal agencies, corporations, non-profits, and a thriving health care system.

Helena is a great place for college students because of the opportunities that are available and the few number of college students we have in the city. We really have a great opportunity within nonprofit, within governmental agencies, as well as for profit organizations. Some of those are through internship opportunities, job shadowing, as well as part time and full time employment while they're in school.

I have two roommates that both are engineering students, and they're working at engineering firms in the area. I also, as a Nursing student, have the opportunity to go into the hospitals here in Helena and work hands on with patients.

We've grown our alumni base. They provide exceptional access for our students. They're also great mentors for our students. About 20% of our students graduate with a significant international experience, along with 30% of our juniors and seniors complete an internship experience in some capacity.

Carroll connects you to employment opportunities by providing career fairs on campus.

We host networking events, classroom presentations, information sessions, information booths, along with site visits. We utilize an incredible platform called Handshake, where employers really are in the driver's seat of connecting directly with students.

You will often see people from the community coming into the Campus Center

to participate in job shadowing, in internship opportunities, and hiring of our students once they graduate.