A Liberal Arts Core that Leads to Employment


The liberal arts core at Carroll is designed to prepare you for the open ended, multidisciplinary, complex problems you will face at work and in your personal life.  It is also a ton of fun to explore together.

  • Combine majors and minors to prepare for the career you want
  • Every major will complete either study abroad, an internship or clinical experience, or original undergraduate research before graduation
  • Programs are designed so that you can complete a degree with a minor, or even dual major, in four years

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The advantage to a rich liberal arts environment, like the one that we have here at Carroll, is that our students have a background and exposure to all these different disciplines, so that when they're presented with the open-ended, loosely defined multidisciplinary problems that truly exist in the world now, they have a background from which to approach those type of problems. They're comfortable navigating between those, really, artificial barriers that we create between disciplines.

When they get out there and the career that they prepared for disappears from them, they know how to shift and adjust. As they grow and change and realize that they want to do something different than what they've been doing, they're able and flexible to switch it up.

My major is business administration. We're doing proposals with cost benefit analysis for the National Forest Service based on fire suppression policy. And so a lot of that also had to do with the history of the Forest Service and what it's been through, and so having that history background really helped me with this project.

It's about employment, but it's also about, what does it take to live a meaningful life and to be a good and decent human being? And in fact, we had a really interesting student who is majoring in psychology, but is interested in the spiritual aspect of mental health, and I think that this students a prime example of what a liberal arts education can do for you. So the possibilities are unlimited.

And that has absolutely resulted in advantages that our alumni have now in the employment sphere. And so we love getting that feedback about the impact, the integrated lab, or the course structure, or the close faculty-student relationships have had on their success.

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