Boundless Outdoor Adventure Opportunities


Our location in the Rocky Mountains among lakes and rivers makes it easy to connect with nature.  All four seasons provide ample opportunity for students to get out and explore either on their own or as part of a club or group.

  • CAMP rents gear, provides lessons, and plans trips to explore the outdoors
  • Great Divide Ski Area, 30 minutes from campus, is one of four downhill slopes within a two-hour drive. Special student lift passes make it very affordable
  • More than 80 miles of hiking, biking and recreational trails surround Helena

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Nature on campus is really cool because we are in the mountains. We have 80 miles worth of hiking trails just in our backyard. The trail head is actually walking distance.

We have Spring Meadow Lake close by, as well as three other area lakes that are great for kayaking. We have the Missouri River, as well as the Blackfoot River, both within an hour and a half of campus for rafting and fly fishing.

We also have two national parks on either end of Montana. To the north, we have Glacier National Park. It's about three hours away. And to the south, we have Yellowstone National Park. That's about two hours away.

We have a golf course just right next to campus, and so when it's all snowy, we get to take out the cross-country skis. We also have some ski mountains 30 minutes away from campus.

We offer $20 lift tickets that students can buy to go ski there. And then the outdoor program rents snowshoes and cross-country skis as well, as well as some winter camping gear. So you can go out on an adventure, ski into a Forest Service cabin. We put together at least two to three trips per week for students to go on. So mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, you name it, fly fishing, all sorts of different things outside here.

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