A Caring Community


The “Carroll family” is not a cliché.  Because we integrate faith, service, and reason throughout our coursework, students here find connections with each other, faculty, staff and the community of over 14,000 Carroll College alumni who are cheering on the next generations of Saints.

  • Campus Ministry is vibrant with service and worship
  • The Saints Success Center is here to help you succeed with everything from tutoring to applying for nationally competitive scholarships like the Fulbright.
  • Health Services is here for everything from common colds to mental health counseling

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I think there's this big misconception in the collegiate world that you can't have a liberal arts education and a faith life. Here at Carroll, we embrace the fact that we are "both/and," as we like to say. You're never going to have a class where there isn't some sort of sense of the mission statement of the Catholic identity.

Like hope, and faith, and service, and reaching out to other people, and going out and serving in the community.

When we talk about the Carroll family, it's not just this cliche. You really get to know the people in your classes, your professors. The little moments that happen between "hey, maybe can I borrow your textbook," or "I need a ride to the airport," or even "I need a ride home. I'm from out of state." People really come together to make you feel like you belong here.

There's a lot of different ways that students get involved at Carroll. We have so many different clubs.

Everything from the outdoor program to the Gaming Club, there's music clubs, a lot of volunteer clubs where they go around the community and do different service projects.

Most students live on campus their first two years. Everything is really accessible to you, and it builds that community as well.

The Saints Success Center we like to say is our one-stop shop for success. So there's anything from like intern opportunities, like resume writing skills, study abroad. We have really great academic advisors that work in our Saints Success Center and help you plug out your four-year plan.

Other resources that are available there are for students who are looking at applying for graduate school, or jobs outside of Carroll once they graduate, or maybe like a summer opportunity. And so I know it's a really helpful resource for many students at Carroll, whether it is that you know what you want to do or you don't know what you want to do.

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