Every student is considered for an academic merit award when they apply to Carroll College.  With merit scholarships up to $28,000 and other talent, service, or leadership scholarships, students from every type of family and income level are able to make Carroll affordable. You can also earn a merit scholarship as a test optional student. 

  • Carroll was the #1 Best Value College in the West for 2022-2023
  • We have one of the nations lowest student loan default rates
  • 99% of Carroll College students receive some form of scholarship or grant aid
Every student that applies to Carroll College and submits their ACT, SAT, or GPA is automatically eligible for evaluation to receive a Merit Scholarship. They have to maintain good academic standing to retain eligibility and be enrolled full time. Students are eligible for activity and talent-based scholarships. We're an NAIA institution that offers both men's and women's sports offering scholarship funding, as well as other talent options like speech and debate, band and choir, or leadership positions like resident assistants or peer ministry mentors. We also are a private liberal arts college, so that offers some unique opportunities for students, such as the Montana Catholic Parish Scholarship, Montana Catholic High School Room Grant, we also have a very generous donor that offers scholarship funding in the Roy Simperman Math and Science Scholarship, as well as the Elsie Corette Pre Med Scholarship, and those awards are averaging about $10,000 per student.

99% of our students receive scholarship and grant dollars. We not only have academic scholarships, but we also have need-based grants.

Carroll works very closely with our students to make sure they have a four year financial plan. The Financial Aid Office is committed to that by offering financial aid for four years. The Academic Advising Office works very closely with our students to make sure they're on track academically. And if students are struggling, we have resources that are available to help get the students back on track, and our amazing faculty is always on top of it by staying connected with the students, reaching out to them and helping advise them, so that they can complete their academic program within four years.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable a Carroll education can be when you're comparing us to other public institutions in the state of Montana and regionally.