Living on Campus

Student Life

The community formed in the on campus residence hall and apartments is a key reason that many students choose to stay on campus even after their sophomore year.  There are many different living options available for upperclassmen.  Living on campus means you can easily walk to class, the Hunthausen Activity Center, activities in the Carroll Union Building (CUBE) or more.

Students should consider living on campus because you can literally get up and get to any location within five minutes, as well as having the library here, your professors, your classes, and so it's really nice having the dining halls and the PE Center so close.

Personally, I have found that living on campus has strengthened my relationships with others that live around me.

Having the majority of students live on campus just makes you feel like a family all the time. You grow up with your class. All freshmen start in one residence hall, and then sophomores have a primary residence hall. And so it's really cool getting to grow with your class each year. We have residential advisors, and those are upperclassmen students who foster community and support you through your transition. And then we have peer ministers who are like spiritual guides on your floor and host small groups every week, if that's something you're interested in.

As you grow as a student here at Carroll, your housing options also grow with that.

You get to live on campus for two years, your freshman and sophomore year, and then if you want to move off campus, you can your junior year. Or you can even get on the on campus apartments.

Carroll really makes it affordable and achievable for students to live here on campus.

I live in the on campus apartments, and it's really nice having Carroll as my landlord because if anything goes wrong, we can just call Carroll, and they'll take care of it.

I have been able to participate in endless amount of activities that I never thought that I would branch out to. It has really helped me stretch my comfort zone.

Overall, I'm really happy that I lived on campus all four years. It's really helped me foster and grow in my community.